Self described Yogi in Black. A walking incense of patchouli cut with just the right amount of lemon grass. A crow magnum man with the spirit animal of a French Bulldog…

I have a few regrets in life, and not doing yoga earlier in life is one of them. However, looking back, I know I had to be “ready” for it. I have trained in Tae Kwon Do and Modern Arnis for over 10 years achieving two 2nd degree Back Belts. With Aches and pains increasing with age, I decided to try yoga… and never looked back. The years of beating my body and loving it ended and self care took its place.

The moving mediation of asanas is one of the few times in a day I think about nothing but moving and breathing. Putting myself into auto pilot to give my mind some rest.

I teach power Basics/advanced vinyasa, Yin therapeutic yoga, and a combined slow flow with Yin and Yang that has become popular at the studio due to it’s easy flow that I like to refer to as “chipping rust off the underwear “ before we hold poses in the Yin portion. No matter what class I teach, the biggest joy is seeing smiles after class.

Teaching for two years and love making yoga fun, and accessible for all my students.Dropping hip hop rhymes, phat tribal beats with didgeridoos and pan drums and a bit of Bauhaus into my flows. I only have two rules… Breath and smile. One we have to do, the other, we get to do.

"Kicking asanas and taking names... in Sanskrit"