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I hate most commercials in general but the scourge of them are the local ones. The really low budget, unpolished ones that come on screaming at you both audibly and visually. So I was shocked when a local agency asked me to help with just such a commercial. But they had my attention since they wanted to run an animated one.

After reading the storyboards I was excited. Here was a chance that some ad crew was taking with their client. A chance to do something different, something relatively new to this market. And their client was excited as well. So I prepped all the art with little, really no alterations and sent it off to the animator. I think he knocked it lout of the park with his timing and styling. We have worked well together on lots of projects, so I knew it was gonna be great.

So, barring any compliance issues from Hyundai, the spot should be running by Friday.  Just in  Snohomish County. My hope is that it will start a creative bug that others want. And from what the agency has said, the client is already thinking of new ways to use this style of work. NICE!

So be motivated to go buy a new Hyundai.