Drew Pocza | Mars Hill Kids book Vol2 Samples
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Mars Hill Kids book Vol2 Samples

I recently did a bunch of kid related illustrations for Mars Hill Church here in Seattle. MH has several campuses, and this series is part of a Sunday School curriculum for all the MH the campuses. The art staff at MH is extremely creative and talented, so I’m artistically encouraged to be a part of some of their kids projects.

The first book consisted mainly of head shots. And the second, has lots of body shots. What I am most excited about is the style. As simple as this style looks, I work hard at crafting each line. When I have a little time, I plan on to exploring this and apply color and textures. Talking with some of my illustrator pals, we all agree that this style has a nice sense of style and marketability. But most important, it is FUN. Evolution of technique is a strange thing. I am very pleased with my body of work, and typically work in bold, thick outlines. So this is a nice challenge.

I hope the kids enjoy the work!


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