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Before and…

Well, after will come friday. I opted to get involved in a promo with a company called Stockart.com. I am going to be building a building a selection of stock art for them. Should be fun. Anyway, here is the sketch I am working out for the artist promo they are putting together. It will fit into one of those pantone swatch book sized deals with several other artists. All we need to do is use 3 basic pantone colors. But I can not tell you how much I love mixing monster like Cthulhu and the average business man. I will post my final asap.

Till then, enjoy!

Pre-mature post

Not done with this spot, but kinda dig it so I wanted to throw up a WIP for it. Not sure how I like working in PS. But again, out of my comfort zone with this style. So it will take me some steady practice to get to where I want to be with it. But I hope you dig it all the same. Inspiration for this? Well, I live in rainy Seattle and coffee.. yummmm.


The foundation for my next illo. I got some great constructive crits on the first “paint” style illo below, so now I need to apply what I learned. Thanks everyone.

Not Kong

The monthly monster I bang out. Keep in mind, I don’t think of this stuff, just comes with the art order. And it appears a little larger than a stamp. All I can think of is the Wizard of Oz. I am tempted to put a fez hat on him! I find that in the world of D&D, there are no original ideas. But what the hell, it was still fun to do. Street date for this is a few months out.

Something to play with

I have been meaning to try something other than my normal vector illustration. So here is my first shot. Not sure what to think of it. Inked it and scanned and added the textures in PS. I am thinking that I need to get MUCH more practice in on this kind of work. Feels stiff to me, but hoping that the more I do it, the looser it will become.

Web site

I have been working on my web site and now I remeber why I HATE working on web sites. I am old school.. give me print to design. But I can only thank Rob M. I have basicaly had to rob Rob to get this site going. Simple and clean. I am hoping that my work will pop more and be less of a web page and more of a portfolio!

Monster of the Month

Ok, so it is that special time of the month at work where I get to do a little spot art. I mean little. The characters in this series print about  1.5″.  I try to pack in as much detail as I can, but that is pretty small. And no back grounds or room for action. Oh well… still fun.

Paizo Holiday Card

At the nerd factory, I was asked to illustrate the company Holiday card. Sounds like fun. The corp mascot is a golem and this year, we added some iconic goblins to our adventure paths. So I had to add ’em all in. The card comes with a funny little poem. anyway, so here is what I turned out. Shooting for an old Rankin/Bass style. Very flat but still fun.

Undead Dragon

So, for those of you who do not know, I work for a nerdy gaming company as the AD for game modules. I had stopped drawing for a while, and it was doing these little characters that got me hooked again. So once a month I make a new character… I know, once a month is pretty lacking. Anyway, here is the undead dragon I just finished up. Given a very short turn around, so I take about 3 hrs to crank one out. Now, I may be loco, but I would love to see this on a skate board.