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oooze Mephit

About that time, well seems like a longer though to get to do a small illo for PAizo Publishing. We are moving the module form a monthly to a bi-monthly product. So, that means I don’t get to do a monthly monster. Poop. They are fun to do, and I try to pack in as much detail as I can for something printing at the size of a stamp.

Originally, I was going to do a Chimera. Since module is called Chimera Cove, and the sped that gave me the art order did into include an illustration of any Chimera, I thought it would be cool to do one for my designer note monsters. Well, Chimeras are complex and since I really have a tiny amount of space, I did the ooze mephit. BAsically, and ooze imp.

Some day, it sure would be fun do get some gigs doing stuff other than cute monsters.lol

Animated Wiiizard!

A very talented fella named Tony Moseley was kind enough to animate this little clip based on the wizard illustration I did of a rpg character. It cracks me up every time I see it. Tony has a great sense of timing and gag writing. Make sure you check some of his work in the link. I had the privilege of laying out his book Zogonia: Slice of Death.

Thanks Tony!


A new spot, again, running really small. But I tried like mad to pack in the details.

Falling sneak peak

Here is a little illo for a game called FALLING coming out soon from Titanic Games/Paizo Publishing. I really dig goblins now.

Goblin Squad

Here is a character I did for Paizo ( my day job) Publishing. We have taken on goblins as a sorta mascot now. The have much more character than the golem we use in the logo. ANYWAY, part of the new adventure  we produce, has lots of goblins. So they asked me to help work up a goblin for a logo for a “street team”. This was fun and I was already doing lots of goblin illustrations for a new card game coming out called FALLING. With goblins FALLING from the sky trying to be the first to hit the ground. Splat!

And yes, they use d20!

The Red Raven

So thi stime, for my “designer notes” characters, I had to do a little fella named the Red Raven. he is pretty much a Robin Hood knock off. I have always known that there are really no original ideas any more. Just how we “spin” that idea makes it a little new. I will try to post a page of one of the modules so you can see how damn small these bad boys actually print. And then you can see why I have no room for them to do any action at all!
All in all, I kind dig the Red Raven. Simple and clean. But where does one get red feathers?

Undead Kobold

Seems like I never have enough time to spend on this stuff. But with a short deadline of only a few hours, I think they turn out to be pretty fun. I think it would be fun to make some “shrinky dinks” of the monsters. Ok, now I think I gave a way a clue as to what my is with that reference. Anyway, I hope you dig him. d

My Little Succubus

Always fun to do monsters. The background and type were just fun, but will not run in final layout for the game module with only 2″x 1.5″, I had to make this succubus chick fit in.

Waiting.. DONE!

I am really diggin’ this one. I was only allowed to use 3 PMS colors and black for this project. So it proved a little difficult. But fun. I think that, and having to turn it around so fast really makes exciting for me. Something about horrible deadlines that can bring out good stuff. Hope you dig it.