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Back ache!

Editorial illustration for Executive Travel. The story is on on chronic back/neck pain due to travel.

Keep on Cthulhu

I have been so busy and stressed out over the past month with my son having cardiac arrest in Nov., tha I have been getting behind on projects. But find time to doodle during our production meetings at Paizo. Here is one Idid today. Just the average happy go lucky Cthulhu.

Editorial art

Just a little diddy I cranked out over the weekend. Glad I was able to try my hand at something other than monsters!

Cthu Pac

Another in the Cthulhu series. I am in NO way a fan of 2pac. Nada. But, thought Cthug Life sounded funny, so I built the illustration around the words.


YO! I grew up on RUN DMC. Love em. This is my tribute to them. Whos House? Cthulhu’s Hoooouse.

Cthulhu Up!

Working on a series of Cthulhu monsters. The first of the new series is a take on the “Cowboy Up” stuff. I hope to get some shirts printed at some place like zazzle.com. Maybe some buttons and posters. This is part of trying to “market” myself more. Was thinking he would even make a fun comics strip. Who knows!

Zizzle ZAZZLE zuzz

I have no clue what that subject means. I just love Z. But anyway, I just started posting images you can now order t-shirts and whatnots of over at Zazzle.com. I have NO Clue how they look as far as quality. But I am trying to work it out to get the best image quality I can. Only 3 available right now, but more to come.


If you are one of the lucky people who can have a iphone ( thanks for nothing verizon :| ), you can now have some of my illustrations for wallpaper. When paul Howalt asked me, I could not say no. The guy is a total bad ass illustrator and I was pumped when he asked me to add some designs to his ipodpaper.com site. Maybe you don’t have an iphone, but an ipod touch, you can still have em“!

Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with Prince. Although I did see the Purple Rain tour when I was a kid.lol.