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Poor old Job and those boils! Book cover illustration.
Copyright 2009 Drew Pocza

Sleeping final

I posted what I thought was the “final” image a few days ago. However, after talking with the AD about it, we decided it needed “more”. The original met the needs of the art order, but it just did not work as well once completed. So I added more luggage and a top to the machine and bam, it worked.

Concept was about people having to sleep at airports, done for a Executive Travel magazine.
Copyright 2009 Drew Pocza

Mimic door!

Aaannnd another Mimic. Mimics are really funny monsters from D&D. Not as funny as a Gelatinous Cube, but funny. This time, the Mimic takes on the shape of a door. Sure would be handy with solicitors!

Copyright 2009 Drew Pocza/ Sean k. Reynolds.


HA! Finally got to draw one of the goofiest monsters, the mimic. This monster takes the form of something like a chest, or a door, and when the unsuspecting victim gets close…nom, nom, nom. Oh the fun of D&D. Thanks to Sean K. Reynolds for having me work on this one.

Copyright 2009. Drew Pocza/Sean K. Reynolds

The Royal Archivist

A pal of mine is starting a publishing company with a steampunk bent to it. Working on the logo now, but had fun working on the character, so I started that first.



Sample of Cthulhu illustrations for a fun book about H.P Lovecraft. A Lovecraft/Cthulhu for Dummies kind of thing. Just over twenty illustrations for the book, and a coloring book is in the works!
Copyright 2009 Drew Pocza and Atomic Overmind Press

Airport Security

A small gig, but very fun. Scanners are being tested at airports now to help with security. So I tried to have some fun with the clients request. THe first round showed more of a skeleton in the scanner, but the water bottle looked like a concealed package tucked inside the body cavity in true drug mule style. SO, we opted for a more “body” shape over skeleton.   

When traveling, keep in mind, YOU might be having to walk through a scanner!
Copyright 2009 Drew Pocza

New Cthulhu!

Had some fun with another Cthulhu image. 

Copyright 2009 Atomic Overmind PRess.