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I mostly do business/ corporate work, but every now and then I get the chance to work on something more personal. People enjoy the fun style of art and it works in a variety of applications, but the “Average Joe” doesn’t have the corporate funding. It can be difficult to switch gears from business to personal work, however, it’s never a problem to inquire. When I do this kind of work, I know it’s personal and that can be creatively refreshing.

Here is an example of a project I did for some friends of friends as a wedding gift. This was printed on some very nice textured paper and I love how it turned out. And I think, sometimes art is better than a blender!


Mars Hill Kids vol2 book illustrations

I know roughly how many illustrations I am doing, but am afraid to take an actual count. LOTS. But this project is exciting, as I am pushing this new inky style a bit more. The previous book was almost all head shots. But this time around, I get to do body and group shots. Very fun, and I am trying to take the work to the next level. They will run in black and white only, but I may take one or two and color and run some texture through. My ultimate illustration goal is to do kid literature. This is the next step towards that goal, and I can’t thank the art staff at Mars Hill Church enough for letting me  explore the space!

I’m a huge fan of the absurd. Wonky noses and noodle limbs kill me. Attempting two in one styles. The old timey Bible days art has one feel, while the modern day has another. Yet, the feel.

Pokeweed! The comic

All growing up I have had a love for daily comics. A passion is more like it. And through out life, the passion stirs every so often. So I have tried my hand at a few comics. Nothing really stuck. Until now. Using a strip concept I started back around 2000, I built off it recently to create Pokeweed!

Pokeweed! is a small little place just south of nowhere really. I don’t think you will find it on any maps. But a pleasant small town atmosphere is was makes this place fun to visit. Please joing Phil, Clint and Buster for some grand adventures!

Pokeweed! is Copyright 2010 Drew Pocza


Another one of my mini monsters for Paizo Publishing. This will be in a RPG module due in stores in a few months. So here is a sneak peak. I really liked working on this one. No, I loved it.