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I hate most commercials in general but the scourge of them are the local ones. The really low budget, unpolished ones that come on screaming at you both audibly and visually. So I was shocked when a local agency asked me to help with just such a commercial. But they had my attention since they wanted to run an animated one.

After reading the storyboards I was excited. Here was a chance that some ad crew was taking with their client. A chance to do something different, something relatively new to this market. And their client was excited as well. So I prepped all the art with little, really no alterations and sent it off to the animator. I think he knocked it lout of the park with his timing and styling. We have worked well together on lots of projects, so I knew it was gonna be great.

So, barring any compliance issues from Hyundai, the spot should be running by Friday.  Just in  Snohomish County. My hope is that it will start a creative bug that others want. And from what the agency has said, the client is already thinking of new ways to use this style of work. NICE!

So be motivated to go buy a new Hyundai.




I have worked digitally for so long I have almost forgotten the charm of pen, ink and markers. I was doing them only at cons but this morning something was itching inside. I have been “coming down” from a little PTSD. Last week my computer died and since I work digitally, that meant no work. I had to suffer through a project on an old mac mini and it was time consuming. But thanks to a rather generous benefactor, I was able to procure a new iMac. WOW.

But I was really stressed out like an emo artist would be. So I took a couple days “off”. Playing with the dogs, watching LOTS of tv and seeing a friends jazz band. But this morning I was trying to think of something creative to do. I still didn’t want to sit in front of the computer for the better part of the day. Then it hit me. MARKERS. I noticed them in the kitchen and thought I would play with some water colors at first, but I realized quickly that I don’t like water colors. As soon as I grabbed a marker it felt right. It’s nice to hold something that makes marks, good or bad and deal with problems like smudges with no Command -Z. Make do with what ever hits the paper.

I thought about it and decided on HellBoy. I really like the character. I am sure I have mentioned this before, but the biggest influence on my work is Vaughn Bode and his son Mark. They have a signature style, and Vaughn was THE MOST BRILLIANT marker guy to walk the Earth. Don’t bother looking him up as his stuff is rather ambiguous and simply dirty. But I grew up reading his work and couldn’t get enough of it. My friends were all into X-men while I read Cheech Wizard and Junkwaffle. I would frequent dark ally way head shops for the underground comics. ANYWAY, Vaughn impacted me as well as countless graffiti artists in the NYC art scene back in the 80’s. If you know his work, you will see it right away in my version of Hellboy.



I mostly do business/ corporate work, but every now and then I get the chance to work on something more personal. People enjoy the fun style of art and it works in a variety of applications, but the “Average Joe” doesn’t have the corporate funding. It can be difficult to switch gears from business to personal work, however, it’s never a problem to inquire. When I do this kind of work, I know it’s personal and that can be creatively refreshing.

Here is an example of a project I did for some friends of friends as a wedding gift. This was printed on some very nice textured paper and I love how it turned out. And I think, sometimes art is better than a blender!


More video


I have said it before, I’ll keep saying it, I never get tired of seeing my stuff move. My work is used from logos, coloring books, games and animation but I try to use a few styles that are still very “me”. The recent trend that I am getting hired for is a rather simplistic inky look. With this style I try as much as possible to get the most out of the least lines. This was an effort in helping the motion graphics guys. There was a need for me to keep it simple and stylish. Vintage advertising from the 50-60’s is really exciting and so I try to replicate that feel but in a  modern sense.

I started this inky style to contrast the typical hard outline work I had been doing for years. I decided to make a comic strip and my main goal in style was to work in anything that wasn’t vector looking. So Pokeweed became a fun exploration in style, story boarding and writing. Slowly the process overlapped into my regular work and now I do about 90% of my work in a loose brush stroke. And now, I feel the urge to work back in the hard line style. Or no outline at  all. But that will work itself out in time.

Check out this new Office 365 video I did the art assets for. I also like the look of this one, with no outline, for Microsoft Kudos… Kudos is an internal “appreciation program” at MicroSoft.



I recently made a youtube channel where I plan on making short videos on my illustration process. It was a difficult task, but I did it. I found it creatively invigorating to do. Since it’s in the Adobe family and I use the Adobe CC stuff I thought I would give Premiere a try. Originally I thought I would use iMovie, but it wasn’t what I was hoping for. So with lots of tutorial searches I finally made a movie.

The process is basically the same with most of my illustration work, but I chose to record my work during a sermon illustration for the Drawn by Faith series. It took a few hours, but I was able to trim it down to about 5 minutes. I hope you enjoy it. And please let me know if you have any comments or questions on stuff you may want to see.

Making it move


I have said this many times and will probably say it again, but I love seeing my work move. Almost to the point I wish I had the time and brain juice to make it happen myself! over the past year or soI have been fortunate to work with a couple motion graphics teams. I don’t remember how I found Loose keys, but am glad I did. Really nice crew that works hard at putting personality into their work as much as I try to put in mine.

After following Loose Keys on G+ and appreciating what they do, I want to be a part of it. So I just asked if I could play with them. A few months later the chance came and it was very fun. The sent me the script and story boards and we went to work on this video for Signal!

I have also work worked on large video projects for Microsoft that when the time is right, I would love to show off! it’s a different way of thinking than doing a basic illustration. Having it set up into break part sections for animation was interesting. Actually drawing everything and not creating only what is visible in the scene was a challenge, but it meant we could use the art in other ways.

So, if you need any help with your next video, or illustration let me know!