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Monster of the Month

Ok, so it is that special time of the month at work where I get to do a little spot art. I mean little. The characters in this series print about  1.5″.  I try to pack in as much detail as I can, but that is pretty small. And no back grounds or room for action. Oh well… still fun.

Paizo Holiday Card

At the nerd factory, I was asked to illustrate the company Holiday card. Sounds like fun. The corp mascot is a golem and this year, we added some iconic goblins to our adventure paths. So I had to add ’em all in. The card comes with a funny little poem. anyway, so here is what I turned out. Shooting for an old Rankin/Bass style. Very flat but still fun.

Undead Dragon

So, for those of you who do not know, I work for a nerdy gaming company as the AD for game modules. I had stopped drawing for a while, and it was doing these little characters that got me hooked again. So once a month I make a new character… I know, once a month is pretty lacking. Anyway, here is the undead dragon I just finished up. Given a very short turn around, so I take about 3 hrs to crank one out. Now, I may be loco, but I would love to see this on a skate board.

Calling Cthulhu

So here it is… Call of Cthulhu! Cthulhu working 9-5 for The Man.
I am trying to explore this new look of being simple, but still with lots to look at.

Call of Cthulhu

I work with a bunch of nerds and only the nerdiest of them talk and love Cthulhu. Evil monster based on H.P Lovecraft work. So I love to mix things up and thought that the corporate life is “evil” to me.lol So my next spot is going to be Cthulhu working for the Man.I will be working on the one on the right.

Nintendo style Drew

I had a great time working freelance on site at NOA about 2 yrs ago. I try to stay in touch since there are some really nice people there. So a few months back, I had the wild hair to send some samples to NOA. Since I had a template for a DS game, why not make a DS game? Or at least some samples that looked like one. And since I LOVE big thick black outlines I knew this would be fun.