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Cthulhu Up!

Working on a series of Cthulhu monsters. The first of the new series is a take on the “Cowboy Up” stuff. I hope to get some shirts printed at some place like zazzle.com. Maybe some buttons and posters. This is part of trying to “market” myself more. Was thinking he would even make a fun comics strip. Who knows!

Zizzle ZAZZLE zuzz

I have no clue what that subject means. I just love Z. But anyway, I just started posting images you can now order t-shirts and whatnots of over at Zazzle.com. I have NO Clue how they look as far as quality. But I am trying to work it out to get the best image quality I can. Only 3 available right now, but more to come.


If you are one of the lucky people who can have a iphone ( thanks for nothing verizon :| ), you can now have some of my illustrations for wallpaper. When paul Howalt asked me, I could not say no. The guy is a total bad ass illustrator and I was pumped when he asked me to add some designs to his ipodpaper.com site. Maybe you don’t have an iphone, but an ipod touch, you can still have em“!

Disclaimer: I had nothing to do with Prince. Although I did see the Purple Rain tour when I was a kid.lol.

oooze Mephit

About that time, well seems like a longer though to get to do a small illo for PAizo Publishing. We are moving the module form a monthly to a bi-monthly product. So, that means I don’t get to do a monthly monster. Poop. They are fun to do, and I try to pack in as much detail as I can for something printing at the size of a stamp.

Originally, I was going to do a Chimera. Since module is called Chimera Cove, and the sped that gave me the art order did into include an illustration of any Chimera, I thought it would be cool to do one for my designer note monsters. Well, Chimeras are complex and since I really have a tiny amount of space, I did the ooze mephit. BAsically, and ooze imp.

Some day, it sure would be fun do get some gigs doing stuff other than cute monsters.lol

Animated Wiiizard!

A very talented fella named Tony Moseley was kind enough to animate this little clip based on the wizard illustration I did of a rpg character. It cracks me up every time I see it. Tony has a great sense of timing and gag writing. Make sure you check some of his work in the link. I had the privilege of laying out his book Zogonia: Slice of Death.

Thanks Tony!


A new spot, again, running really small. But I tried like mad to pack in the details.