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Pokeweed! The comic

All growing up I have had a love for daily comics. A passion is more like it. And through out life, the passion stirs every so often. So I have tried my hand at a few comics. Nothing really stuck. Until now. Using a strip concept I started back around 2000, I built off it recently to create Pokeweed!

Pokeweed! is a small little place just south of nowhere really. I don’t think you will find it on any maps. But a pleasant small town atmosphere is was makes this place fun to visit. Please joing Phil, Clint and Buster for some grand adventures!

Pokeweed! is Copyright 2010 Drew Pocza

Shoanti Air

Shoanti Air! The finest in barbaric flight in the world of Galarion.

I enjoyed theconcept of barbarian style character with inflight assistance. And it gave me another chance to use my squiggly style.


Artwork Copyright 2010 Drew Pocza

Sherlock Holmes

Interior spots for a book coming out soon about Sherlock Holmes. Published by Atomic Overmind Press.

Artwork Copyright 2009 Drew Pocza and Atomic Overmind Press


Worked this up for my holiday email campaign. So to kill two birds with one stone, I am entering this in a illustration contest as well as using it as my holiday mailer. Krampus was a monster who ran with Santa, but he took care of the bad kids!

Artwork Copyright 2009 Drew POcza.


Another Cthulhu inspired strip. Doesn’t everyone hate Mondays?

Copyright 2009 Drew Pocza


Some designs of mine going into production soon. I will have more details very soon.