I grew up reading underground comics and newspaper strips and knew that’s all I wanted to do. Coming from a small town with a very small school, I found my ability to draw helped me stand out from my peers… along with my 80’s hair and sense of fashion.

Commercial art and advertising were the last thing on my mind. Somehow, I ended up at Bible College with plans to be a hip, youth pastor.  For one reason or another that didn’t end up as my calling. Life’s a journey and the School of Hard Knocks never lets out.

After several years of working odd jobs, I got back into illustration. Why, oh why, didn’t I do that in the first place?!? I’ve worked with major newspapers and ad agencies from D.C to Seattle and never stopped learning on the job through editorial illustration and spot artwork.

After years of trying to find my style… it finally clicked.  Make art FUN!

What separates me from other artists is the deep down “me”. I have a light and punchy style that kids and adults enjoy. But there’s a hidden flair of what I call OFFNESS. That little something that makes a perfect picture wonky and sometimes strangely creepy in a happy way.  It’s about the little things and the attention to detail.

If you are looking for something with OFFNESS to make your next project stand out and get noticed — I would love to talk to you!

"My Mom is my biggest fan"